Free Comic Book Day – Divergence | | View Comic Online. DC Comics' Free Comic Book Day offering, featuring three 8 page stories that preview upcoming story arcs in three regular titles including. mapbookstosraso.cf: FCBD - DC Comics: Divergence () #1 eBook: Geoff Free Comic Book Day Amazing Spider-Man/Guardians Of The Galaxy.

Divergence Comic Book Day

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A first look at upcoming storylines! DC Comics: Divergence features three 8-page previews for the June releases of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo's Batman. This book was first published on May 2, Released as part of Free Comic Book Day Each of three stories in this issue was later released as a. As CONVERGENCE continues on, DC's FCBD title DIVERGENCE sets the stage for the DC Comics: Divergence Free Comic Book Day issue.

The other short focuses on the new Superman status quo to come by incoming team of award-winning author Gene Luen Yang and, of course, the legendary John Romita Jr. Secret Wars 0 sets up the vs.

Ultimate U showdown kicking off this week and also includes the brief Avengers vs. Attack on Titan comic released only in Japan. Flashing back to the illest eras of Hip Hop with an art and writing style full of flavor and dopest flow, Hip Hop Family Tree is one of the most talked about comics on the underground.

Or something like that. Get the book. Nuff Said. Side not kiss-assery: I grabbed one for the Monsignor.

Free Comic Book Day 2015 – Divergence 001

Gotta keep your editors happy, people. Book Five is the sequel to one of the coolest, craziest, most mind-fuck you movies of the last twenty years. Trust me though with Chuck Palahniuk writing and Cameron Stewart on art this book brought the right amount of what-the-fuck to hook me.

Beats, Rhymes, and Fight. Nothing too serious but there was some real heart in there as well. Another all-ages read, this book has beautiful art and a funny story that left me with a smile on my face at the end.

There is also a sneak peak at the soon to be released The Shield character sketches, concept shots. I included it here because this is a line worth checking out if you want capes and cowls, but with more of an indie flavor.

Goes great with Captain Crunch. Last but not least, those bad mofos in a half-shell.

Hey, has the Padre ever steered you wrong before? Pick it up. Action Comics covers two separate Earths, with two very different Supermans Supermen? Caraballo Twitter captzaff While Claude St. And I love the stylized backstory thrown in the closing pages of Detective. Very retro feel.


I am intrigued with where Convergence is going and how it will end up…although DC once again cleaning house and doing away with many of its universes is getting a bit tired. Powers disappear, then return, then the ending warns of imminent battles. Plastic Man is sarcastic and narcissistic as usual, and the set up for part 2 seems to promise tons of action.

Whoever this guy is, he has glowing tattoos and is tough enough to hoist the food truck up on his shoulders and throw it onto Superman.


Superman is strong enough to shrug off the attack, box this guy's ears, and then takes off. It isn't clear if Clark is leaving because he is afraid he is too weak for a sustained fight or if he doesn't want an open brawl in a populated area.

I will say I loved this page. Yang uses background television screens, tweets, youtube videos, and newspaper blurbs to give us the background we need about the story. Superman has been revealed as Clark.

And this was revealed by Lois Lane. But for me, I loved the tweets, a sort of commentary on the reactionary nature of social media.

Seeing the negative tweets about Superman after his years of service rings true. After that, we see Lois heading to a motel where she has discovered Clark is hiding out.

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Clark has gone to the mattresses. He is in hiding. He isn't working.

And he seems angry. Lois wants to help but she is the reason all this is going on. And Clark wants no part of her, essentially slamming the door in her face.

I miss Lois. I miss her place in the DCU. I miss her having a prominent place in the Superman mythos. So this feels wrong. But that hasn't worked out too well for me recently.Look on the bright side, Superman! Bollywood superstar Ajay Roy isn't ready for the transformation, as he suddenly find himself transformed into a grotesque tree creature it's awesome that Soule also wrote DC's Swamp Thing , who will eventually become Naanis, a tree-like Inhuman.

Well, when I witnessed a woman being electrocuted while her friends tried desperately to save her, I get mixed feelings about that. But also we learn that Superman is partially depowered.

Now people fight about who is a real comic book fan and who isn't. Free Comic Book Day is celebrated in comic book shops and as a way to get customers to visit shops in their local community.

It feels very X-Men to me. Soule offers only a few sparse words during the transformation: "I feel