eSentral's Free eBook Zone (FEZ) is a facility that allows you to download and read digital books for free. It is an initiative by Xentral Methods Sdn Bhd (XM) in. Latest topics from the Info Zone. "A highly professional, inspiring and motivating day for us" Maggie Wheeler May; CEW London Testimonial. Warning: You Are About to Enter the Ebook Zone. Libraries and publishers are moving into a shadowy land where everything they've long.

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School Zone is one of the most experienced and trusted publishers of e book for kids and educational e $Bumble Bear: Roll Out the Barrel (iOS eBook). Free site book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. For athletes in any sport — A guide to entering “The Zone” at will. “The Zone” is that quasi-mystical state achieved only rarely by athletes, when everything flows .

So how are we to sort this out? There are six major publishers that are referred to as the Big Six: In February , HarperCollins changed its terms of service for library lending of ebooks, slapping a loan limit on all its titles.

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After 26 loans, the library could redownload the ebook at a discounted price. As librarians cried foul over any limit on the number of loans, they began to understand that libraries may not even own these books. More recently, Random House changed its pricing policy for selling ebooks to libraries, increasing the price by factors of two to three times the list price of a hardcover copy of the same book, though libraries still retain perpetual access to their ebook downloads.

Also, the ebooks will be available to libraries simultaneously with the print book release.

Another model for your consideration: Unlike the other models, libraries only pay for what is used. Freading, the ebook platform of the music-download service Freegal, offers this model, allowing publishers to establish a point system to vary loan fees for bestsellers vs.

For publishers, making the most of the backlist brings in new revenue from books that were only previously available in print. The used-bookstore model of reselling books was vexing for publishers, because they were unable to monetize repeated sales of the same book.

Pay-by-the-download solves that problem.


For libraries, this is a risky budget arrangement, requiring them to forecast use, and the cost of that use can change at any time. Say a backlist title has a second resurgence after being adapted into a film. No problem for publishers: Just start charging more per use for that title.

For larger public libraries that typically download numerous copies of a bestseller only to weed the majority of the copies at a later date, the simultaneous-access model may be preferred. To meet user demand, these libraries may download access to numerous copies of an ebook, recognizing that after its popularity wanes, they can reduce the number of copies dramatically, freeing up money that can be spent on new ebooks. Smaller libraries might opt for paying a higher fee for an ebook at the front end, if they pay only once and can keep the book in perpetuity.

Pure metering might be an option for a library that has some flexibility in managing the budget throughout the year. Some lesser-known business models are also on the table.

The rent-to-own model would require that libraries continue to pay for a book over a certain amount of time or number of loans. On the bright side, libraries that want to own their ebooks eventually could, but how long would the rental period last?

Would the time or use limit be the same for all titles? Could publishers modify the rental terms as they wished without notice? How much money must one pay for the same book before the ownership goal kicks in?

Consider subscription plans. One already in use by some publishers and vendors is the bookshelf model. The library would subscribe and pay an annual fee for a set of ebooks, their selection likely in the hands of publishers or distributors. The following year, the bookshelf disappears. Libraries that continue to pay their annual fee receive another, different set of ebooks. In this model, ownership of the content is off the table.

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