Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page ISIS UNVEILED: A MASTER-KEY. TO THE. MYSTERIES OF ANCIENT AND MODERN. SCIENCE AND THEOLOGY. H. P. BLAVATSKY. Book: Isis Unveiled. Includes the complete Volumes I and II of Isis Unveiled. Blavatsky's first major work on theosophy, examining religion and science in the light of Western and Oriental ancient wisdom and occult and spiritualistic phenomena.

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d eveloped Intellect. (Isis Unveiled,. Vol. I, p. These are then the. ' excep tions. ' spoken of i n Isis., and the doctrine is maintained now as it was then. Moreover. ISIS UNVEILED and The Secret Doctrine are integral; both are parts of one . present Centenary Anniversary Edition of ISIS UNVEILED there is completed the . "Isis Unveiled" was H.P. Blavatsky's first major literary effort, a critical EPUB version of Isis Unveiled 3. Azw3 (site) of Isis Unveiled 4. PDF of Isis Unveiled.

Olcott, HS 9. Past Lives 2.

Philosophy 3. Pilgram 2. Poems 4. Powell, AE 6.

Quotes Ravindra, R 4. Reincarnation Religion Retreat centres 3. Rossetti, C 2.

Rumi 2. Science Scott, Cyril 3.

Blavatsky Helena - Isis unveiled

Secret Doctrine Self-realisation Sender, P 7. Sinnett, AP 9.

Smoley, R 3. Socrates 2.

Spiritual Practice 5. Sri Ram, N St Germain 3. Steiner, R Study course 2. Study Courses 7.

Subba Row 5. Taimni, IK 7.

Theosophical World Resources

The Astral Body 2. The Etheric Double 2.

The Path 4. The voice of the silence 3. Theosophical centers 3. Theosophical Society Theosophy Tibet 2.

Theosophical World Resources

Time 2. Transformation 3. Truth 3. TS Encyclopedia 2. Unity 3. Websites 2. What is Theosophy 3. The book is written in all sincerity.

It is meant to do even justice, and to speak the truth alike without malice or prejudice. But it shows neither mercy for enthroned error, nor reverence for usurped authority. It demands for a spoliated past, that credit for its achievements which has been too long withheld.

It calls for a restitution of borrowed robes, and the vindication of calumniated but glorious reputations. Toward no form of worship, no religious faith, no scientific hypothesis has its criticism been directed in any other spirit. Men and parties, sects and schools are but the mere ephemera of the world's day.

TRUTH, high-seated upon its rock of adamant, is alone eternal and supreme. We believe in no Magic which transcends the scope and capacity of the human mind, nor in "miracle," whether divine or diabolical, if such imply a transgression of the laws of nature instituted from all eternity.

Isis Unveiled

Nevertheless, we accept the saying of the gifted author of Festus, that the human heart has not yet fully uttered itself, and that we have never attained or even understood the extent of its powers. These beings, they say, were possessed of almost boundless knowledge, and in their audacity even threatened rebellion against the Great Chief Spirit.

To punish their presumption and humble them, he imprisoned them in bodies, and so shut in their senses. From these they can escape but through long repentance, self-purification, and development.

Their Shamans, they think, occasionally enjoy the divine powers originally possessed by all human beings. The original is written upon the inner bark of Cyperus papyrus, and has been pronounced by Professor Schenk, of Leipsig, not only genuine, but also the most perfect ever seen.

It consists of a single sheet of yellow-brown papyrus of finest quality, three-tenths of a metre wide, more than twenty metres long, and forming one roll divided into one hundred and ten pages, all carefully numbered.

It was downloadd in Egypt, in , by the archaeologist Ebers, of "a well-to-do Arab from Luxor. Of these, according to that author, thirty-six contained the history of all human knowledge; the last six treated of anatomy, of pathology, of affections of the eye, instruments of surgery, and of medicines.

The Papyrus Ebers is indisputably one of these ancient Hermetic works.November Near death experience 7. A conviction, founded upon seventy thousand years of experience, as they allege, has been entertained by hermetic philosophers of all periods that matter has in time become, through sin, more gross and dense than it was at man's first formation; that, at the beginning, the human body was of a half-ethereal nature; and that, before the fall, mankind communed freely with the now unseen universes.

Again when the author of Epinomis locates between these highest and lowest gods embodied souls three classes of daemons, and peoples the universe with invisible beings, he is more rational than our modern scientists, who make between the two extremes one vast hiatus of being, the playground of blind forces.

A sect of Jews said by Pliny to have lived near the Dead Sea "per millia saeculorum" — for thousands of ages. When one sees mortal man displaying tremendous capabilities, controlling the forces of nature and opening up to view the world of spirit, the reflective mind is overwhelmed with the conviction that if one man's spiritual Ego can do this much, the capabilities of the FATHER SPIRIT must be relatively as much vaster as the whole ocean surpasses the single drop in volume and potency.

Ravindra, R 4. The latter, they said, can never be demonstrated but by the former. Blavatsky Wheaton: Quest Books, [] , p. Initiation 3.